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CBT Training,    Covering Pembrokeshire & Carmarthenshire areas.

You need a CBT certificate in order to ride a moped or learner motorcycle.

Full car licence holders also need a CBT to ride learner motorcycles but may ride a moped without a CBT if the licence was gained before Feb 1st 2001, although training is advised.

Those passing the car test after this date need to complete a CBT course before riding a moped.

A CBT is also required before taking a full licence test.

We now use Bluetooth comms on all our courses so no more horrid ear hangers !  (You can even talk back to us)

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DAS Mod 1

A bike test is split into 2 sections. The off road manoeuvring test is taken on a secure tarmac area.

It’s been widely reported in the bike press and on national news there have been numerous crashes with injuries ranging from bruising to a broken arm, and significant damage being done to the bikes. One of the causes of this is a lack of training and practice time. The manoeuvres are designed to simulate some aspects of bike control that aren’t always possible to see when on the road test. Assume you are on road; you MUST look into your blind spot before setting off between sections.

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DAS Mod 2

This is very similar to the old style test where you are followed by an examiner with a radio link between you. This module is recommended to be taken about 4 days later on from Module 1. The reason being that if you have Module 1 & 2 booked close toegether and you fail the first part for any reason, then the DSA will not allow your Module 2 to go ahead and they will not refund the fee. This is why it is safer to split the two modules by about 10 days.

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Can be taken by anyone who is 19 years & over. This licence will allow up to 47bhp but can be upgraded to a full A after 2 years. Both Mod 1 & Mod 2 have to be taken.
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